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Friday, 6 October 2017

fashion | Does the capsule work?

2016 was all about the Capsule Wardrobe. At least for fashion & lifestyle bloggers, it seemed. Nearly every blog I read jumped on that train... and by the end of the year most fell off it.
So, does the capsule wardrobe work? It did for me!
... Until I forgot that's why I had so little clothes (read: just enough to cycle through every week) and went and bought (so, so many) new clothes!
Why did I do it? Frankly, the capsule wardrobe was a good excuse to getting rid of nearly all my clothes after I gained curves. In my mind I told myself "I'm not just throwing away my clothes because they don't fit, I'm downsizing because it's the responsible, adult thing to do." See, a positive spin!

My trouble was that like with all trends, I promptly forgot about it. See, for the first three months it worked. I enjoyed overlapping my outfits with the same 10 items. It was a no-fuss system.

Then I realized that I only have two jeans to wear when I leave the house (the rest were pajama pants or gym leggings), they weren't all that comfortable or frankly flattering, and wearing the same clothes all the time was getting boring. It actually wasn't until I read Shoeper Woman's end of year post that mentioned her journey with the capsule wardrobe that I even remembered that's how I started my year. I flaked!

What I can say is that the Capsule Wardrobe helped me 
learn what I'm looking for from my wardrobe & what my true style is 

My journey back to a full wardrobe started with my quest for pants. Actual non-jeans pants, i.e. trousers. Which I never wore in my whole adult life! I always associated trousers with business attire and thought when I'll be an adult with a job, that's when I'll buy them. And time just never felt right. Until it did, this year.

That's also how I found these pin-up style reproduction clothing shops - my saviors! Oh, where have you been all my life? Love you! - and threw myself down that deep, deep rabbit hole. Seriously, my savings have taken a beating. But look at me in this GIF to the left! I love it! So here they are (and if you're wondering why these aren't photos of me wearing them, I apologize - I'm much too lazy to attempt it. Annoying, I know):
From left to right. I bought all my trousers from TOP VINTAGE so I'll be linking them below together with the brand's original page where applicable. 

DANCING DAYS BY BANNED STAY AWHILE TROUSERS & HELL BUNNY NELLY BLY SAILOR TROUSERS | I think almost everyone who first gets into retro clothing starts with a theme. The most popular is sailor, because well... It's so cute, why not?! and I am no different. I have tops to match for a whole outfit, I admit:)

DANCING DAYS BY BANNED PARTY ON CLASSY TROUSERS | These are my most comfortable pair, the ones I can wear without pulling even when I've put on a few pounds. I'm wearing them in the top image here - See, they're so comfortable I'm laughing! 

MISS CANDYFLOSS MELISSA TROUSERS | After experiencing the quality of Miss Candyfloss's Gigi jumpsuit (post in the works) I jumped on the chance to try on one of their trousers. I have to admit, I wear these the least. Whether it is because the fit is slightly too big or because I prefer navy blue, or because out of all my trousers these have the thickest fabric, I can't decide. They are good quality, and I like how they cleverly hid the button and zipper for a clean look - but the fact is I do not wear them much. (Top Vintage page)

VOODOO VIXEN SHELLEY SUSPENDERS PALAZZO TROUSERS | These came in my latest purchase from Top Vintage and I haven't worm them yet. I tried them on and gasped - because I LOVE high waist and who can say no to the maxi skirt look - but the top button came off in my hand.  I much prefer to complain about it than take out my sewing kit! For now the pants are hanging on my clothes ladder waiting for their day. It's on my to-do list, honest. (Top Vintage page)

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