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H E L L O ! My name is Naomi Shiek (pronounced CHIC).
I've been very fortunate to have my own small independent atelier called Woodland Papercuts. This is my private blog exploring my favorite things in beauty & design.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

fashion | More Retro Style

After my post about my trousers, I wanted to share three more bottoms I tried on in my plunge into retro clothing - still no photos of me wearing them though, sorry - which didn't fall into that category. Actually, they're standouts in my wardrobe no matter how you look at it, and I love them for it.

COLLECTIF NOMI SHORTS | the only shorts I'll ever wear. I mean, we almost share the same name, I had to test if we were meant for each other - and I was right! Feels like a corset due to the super high waistline (and functions like one , too!). Note: These are extremely stretchy so you should order a size down and they'll cinch you in with the zipper down the back.

HELL BUNNY SADIE CAPRI PANTS | Like with the shorts above, these pants are a standout choice for me. I never intended to buy any pants that are not full length, but when opportunity knocked I decided why not. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort. As long as I wear them with heels to keep the leg elongated, I am good to go. (Private Sale - bought from @the.elegant.giraffe when she was having a closet sale. Good news, she now has a vintage shop!

COLLECTIF NOMI JEANS | When I saw Collectif had a full-length version of the Nomi Shorts I could not click the 'Add To Bag' button fast enough - and they were part of their massive sale! I love skinny jeans, they work great for me and, and these are SO COMFORTABLE, just like their shorter sister. If I didn't think it was crazy, I'd buy several pairs of them. Again, super stretchy so order a size smaller than your usual.

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