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H E L L O ! My name is Naomi Shiek (pronounced CHIC).
I've been very fortunate to have my own small independent atelier called Woodland Papercuts. This is my private blog exploring my favorite things in beauty & design.

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ugh, help

My body is protesting against me again. My knees and hips ache, my shoulders and neck are sore, and my whole left arm is stiff. Not to mention my chronic back pain. I need to remember I am definitely not in shape to walk all the way downtown anymore. I think this means 25 was my body's cutoff year for the low-food, no-exercise regime its been laboring under. Damn. 

Anyways, code red at work - I need to make new ketubot, which is awesome, but my paper supplier doesn't have my paper in stock! He kept telling me "next week, next week" for a month, and two days ago a shipment was due. I thought "just in time!" because I need to mail out a large order next week, and I only have 1 sheet of paper left. So I walked all the way over there yesterday, only to be confronted with the awful truth: They don't have the paper but they're hoping they'll get it "maybe next week". So screwed. Of course this all goes down on the weekend because I suck at planning ahead. 

Long story short, I drag myself back home, making calls to art shops I know - and find one in Jerusalem that might be able to bulk order my paper. I need to call them on Sunday. How much can I spend now, when will I find the time to get there, and will I be able to transport it all the way back to Tel-Aviv? That bus ride's gonna suck. Also, I'm a weakling. Also, the money, ouch. And man, the worst of it is that the shop won't cut the sheets. This means that whatever quantity I buy (25, 50, 100...) I need to find a way to take them (1 sheet is 1 meter X 70 cm, and in my experience, 10 sheets rolled together is damn heavy) to be cut into quarters so that I could transport them all flat. I definitely can't do that alone. I'm not sure that I can do that alone and without a car. Screwed. Those papers are definitely going to be dimpled, torn, marked and smudged if I have to do it alone. Also, I need to trace and cut them to make my deadline, which seeing as I haven't recovered yet from just walking down-town yesterday, will be nigh impossible for my body. Double damn. 

Anyways, bottom line is, my body is shot, my bank account is about to go belly up, and I am without my prime material but with orders coming in. Everything will look better tomorrow, right? I'm going back to cutting. 

OK, I'll eat first. Just a bit longer, body.


Image credit | my paper storage, WP studio, 2013
(excerpt from my work blog, Woodland Papercuts)

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