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Friday, 14 February 2014

shopping | faber castell pens

Maybe it's because my mom used to work at a collectors' pen shop when she was young, but I always felt an affinity to beautiful writing instruments. It was something I could have in common with my mother and see her passionate about. I doubt I'll ever truly be tempted to spend thousands on a collector's pen (though I'll definitely ogle them), but those priced for hundreds are a different matter!

My favorite pens are by Faber Castell, which is funny since they're also my favorite pencil company. I own two fountain pens from their design collection:

My first was the E-MOTION RHOMBUS FOUNTAIN PEN in white for my 26th birthday. I really, really wanted a white lady's pen! This is a beginner collector's pen, meaning it's an affordable first purchase.
The barrel is resin with chrome grip, and it came with an F size nib. After using the pen for two years I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with it. The nib turned out to be too thick for me, and the cap makes the pen too heavy for me to write with. My biggest problem however is the chrome grip - my fingers slip right off! I honestly think the pen was designed for those who grip their pens high on the body like a brush, if they're out there. The white textured resin barrel became a bit discolored with use and some time ago turned a bit loose too, which doesn't affect the integrity of the pen but it does make it feel cheap. Still a beautiful pen, but not one I'd buy again.

I bought my second pen in November of last year. I've been thinking about buying a wood writing set for years and with the end of year sales I couldn't resist! I wanted a mechanical pencil but I got the ONDORO FOUNTAIN PEN IN BURNED OAK instead. It is perrrfect!
The barrel is wood with a chrome grip and it came with an EF size nib. I love the hexagonal barrel and the shape of the chrome grip - it's such a throwback to school pencils and early quill pens, I couldn't resist! The texture of the wood is great, and the shape of the nib makes sure my fingers won't slip off. This is really my dream pen. The thickness of the nib is great for me as well, though I noticed it's a lot stiffer than the F nib (that could be since this one's newer).

Maybe next time I'll try one of the slimmer pens from the AMBITION collection...

Do you have a favorite pen?


(excerpt from my work blog, Woodland Papercuts)


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