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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Oils that changed my face

I first wrote (a short impression) about my experience with Aragan oil in 2015. Has it really been that long? This was my gateway oil - all other oils followed. I think it was a good starting point - immediately hydrating dehydrated skin and improving its appearance - but I've moved on from it since. Overtime the argan oil proved too heavy on its own so I wanted something targeted more towards hormonal acne-prone skin. I found two oils that changed my face, and after finishing multiple bottles I also found alternatives that cost less.

A quick note: I have acne-prone, sensitive, combination skin.  
Often dehydrated, my face is swathed in redness, and I have Rudolph's red nose.
expensive face oils review Trilogy Odacite Sunday Riley Pai
Trilogy's Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ is an oil for dehydrated skins, and works to repair and replenish. It's the same as the brand's pure rosehip oil but boosted for more skin benefits. Love it! I realize Evening Primrose oil is better suited for hormonal acne sufferers such a myself (so if you can get your hands on it, do) but I know rosehip oil really helps to soften my skin and repair the damage to my delicate undereye area after I used eye cream (never again! not for me). It provides the right amount of moisture without blocking my pores, and that's a big ask for most products. I like that my skin looks glowy but not oily when I use it all over, and my redness subsides. The oil feels like a 'dry' oil, absorbs immediately into the skin and leaves a beautiful glow without any tackiness or residue. My face feels extremely smooth after using it. I like it for the undereyes and lips especially.

> The Odacite's Pimples oil - This potent blend of Black Cumin + Cajeput makes the best grandmother remedy. It really is a miracle oil for targeted treatment of suspected or enflamed cystic acne, as well as topical acne! When I stray from my diet and breakout, I know this will come to my rescue, disappearing the spots in a matter of days. It has a very powerful scent that I personally find pleasant, and feels like a wet oil that absorbs well. Really, I can only fault this one on its price vs. size issue (you get a measly 5 ml) - but as it's a targeted treatment the oil will actually last me several months (nine months at last check).

> Sunday Riley's U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil - After two bottles of Odacite's pimple oil I decided to look for the magic ingredient of Black Cumin in other oils. To my surprise Sunday Riley has one! Sunday is a notoriously expensive brand, both in looks and in practice, but as a good lesson on relativity - it's much cheaper in comparison to Odacite. With a long list of oils in this blend it is less potent than Odacite's though still effective. It has a strange green color added just for kicks and is unfortunatly thick and sticky so use at night. If you have severe acne I'd start with Odacite until you feel your skin is under control, then switch to this one because you can mix this into your moisturiser without crying over the cost.

Pai Skincare's Bio Regenerate Oil - I bought this because it looked as clean as Trilogy's but you get more oil for your money. It's an orange tinted oil (this is reportedly a natural tint, not color they poured into it) that's mostly rosehip but has a bit of rosemary mixed in as well. It's heavier than Trilogy's oil with a tacky texture and does not absorb as quickly or fully into the skin so I love to use it mixed in with my moisturiser for a heavier nourishing feeling that lasts.

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