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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yana Proviz Beauty retro lips review

YANA PROVIZ is my favorite Israeli YouTube beauty influencer. She's a professional makeup artist that creates easy-to-follow tutorials and educational clips in a fun and personable style. Two of my favorite videos of hers I keep returning to are the tutorials Eyeliner Effect Without Eyeliner for Weddings and Quick 50's PinUp Style Hair & Makeup (her channel is in Hebrew but she shows the steps, so for those of you who aren't Hebrew speakers you'll still be able to follow even if you mute her). (follow her on YouTube | Instagram | Facebook).

Last year Yana launched her own line of makeup under the brand name YANA PROVIZ BEAUTY (or YP Beauty for short). She started with a line of liquid lipsticks, which have since expended in shades and into glosses and a two-tone eyeliner cream. I really wanted to try them because she's a working makeup artist so I knew the products would be quality. Once she launched a bundle deal of matching liquid lip and gloss I quickly clicked over to the shop lest I'll miss it.

I didn't want to beat around the bush and went straight to the reds. I picked up the VERY GLAM Duo, which includes VERY HOLLYWOOD matte liquid lipstick and the VERY RETROACTIVE gloss (also sold separately). Because I love retro fashion I couldn't pass them up, no matter how many retro reds I have already. They are a classic red, balanced in warm and cold tones, though the gloss pulls cooler for that bright cold-red/white-teeth balance. For Besame fans, VERY HOLLYWOOD is the perfect liquid match to their 1946 revival Red Velvet. Still, only a true makeup enthusiast will relate - they're different just so than all the other reds I have, clearly they're a must buy!
swatch of Yana Proviz lip duo Very Glam : Very Hollywood liquid lipstick and Very Retroactive lipgloss
First of all, the shopping experience on the site is very smooth and easy. It's rarely the case with Israeli shopping sites so I took note of it and appreciated it very much. They ship worldwide for free at a very reasonable price threshold too. I received an email from customer care because they needed my phone number for the courier so they have good followup. My purchase arrived in a week, which is fast for where I live, by a courteous courier who messaged and called ahead, and to top it all off the package was beautiful!

I shop online nearly exclusively so I've come to favor the places that take care to carry the shopping experience into their mail packaging.  It's all nice and well to have a flashy site, but if my products come in a janky mailer stuffed with bubble wrap, then I'm not going to remember you favourably. The first and best online retailer I found who knows this - every package arrives by courier and opens like a gift, no matter if I bought one or ten items - is Beautylish. YANA PROVIZ BEAUTY is the second.

Back to the lipstick. The product packaging itself is very impressive. It looks expensive, which is never a bad impression. I love that the brand colors mirror Yana's signature duo hair color, it makes the brand instantly recognisable, and it looks beautiful on my vanity.

VERY HOLLYWOOD is a perfect true red shade that's a classic icon color. Yana named this one aptly. When I opened the tube I was (again) impressed with the color and the consistency of the product. Neither brick-red or blue-red, like I said above, this shade is a match to Besame's Red Velvet color from 1946, though the pigment is richer and more intense when I swatch it - and that's what makes liquid formulas so desirable. It had a very mild, pleasant scent that's nearly undetectable and fades within seconds (coming from someone who's very sensitive) and has a wonderful applicator that I wanted to try for a while. I call it the Yves San Laurent applicator because I think that's where I first saw it - it's extremely flexible, pointy for controlled precision, and has a dip that holds the perfect amount of pigment to cover your lips without needing to re-dip. The formula went on the lips extremely smoothly, precisely, and with such a strong pigment that the lips looked perfect straight away.

Now to the important wear test. Let me preface by saying that I have extremely dry and wounded lips. I've transitioned from constantly biting my nails to obsessively tearing at my lips. They're always peeling as a result, so wearing lipstick is a test of how smooth they can make my lips appear, and how long before they dry out and accentuate the peeling. I tried several liquid lipstick brands before, from The Balm (worst experience) to Anastasia Beverly Hills to Give Me Glow (favorite liquid lips, before they changed the formula) and YANA PROVIZ is a step above with how comfortable it wore.

I wore VERY HOLLYWOOD with a lip balm and a lip liner underneath as I do with all my lipsticks. It applies very glossy and takes a few minutes to dry down. I believe it took longer than previous brands I tried, but it felt more comfortable as a result. It did not accentuate my lip texture at all. I did not feel the lipstick on my lips all day. No dryness, no stickiness nor drag when I pressed them together… It's like I wasn't wearing anything. I forgot I wore anything!

The color stayed true throughout the day and did not fade or crumble. However, it did transfer when I drank and ate. It started with minimal transfer and took several drinks and snacks before it showed on the lips, but by the end of the night my lips were patchy. So this is like a classic lipstick - with the stronger staying power of kick-ass pigment - but still a lipstick that will need reapplying after a big dinner. I'd still go for it for the pigment punch and how freaking comfortable it felt! Bonus - it didn't dry out my lips!

The VERY RETROACTIVE gloss was less successful for me, unfortunately. It's clear that as much as I love the look of lipglosses, they aren't for me. This lipgloss is a beautiful shade - a match to VERY HOLLYWOOD - and long lasting. It's very pigmented but will need two layers for full opacity. Still, I would only wear it over another lip product because I need that barrier. It's sticky which helps its longevity, but I do not enjoy it with my flyaway hair. A point to its favor is that it's a fairly thin formula for a lip gloss - it doesn't goop or crust, but thins away the more you press your lips. So it is comfortable for a lip gloss but personally I found that the more I drank and talked with it on, the more it shifted off my lips and into my lip lines. Apparently I have many and need serious skincare intervention.

I'll stick to topping off my red lips with oil lip balms for that glossy look for day to day, and whip out this beauty for special occassions and when I want to practice wearing this formula.

Yana has another red duo that's far brighter (called VERY OUT THERE) and though I suspect it won't suit my pale coloring, after experiencing the color and quality of this duo on I will give it a go in the future.
Review of Yana Proviz red lip duo Very Glam
Can you tell I enjoyed the whole Yana Proviz experience? I truly have nothing bad to say. After the lovely affair of shopping, receiving, and using these luxe makeup items, I've become a fan.

GREAT NEWS, Yana Proviz be launching FLASE LASHES tomorrow!
Check them out on her instagram, they'll be sold on her website individually and in a bundle.

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