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H E L L O ! My name is Naomi Shiek (pronounced CHIC).
I've been very fortunate to have my own small independent atelier called Woodland Papercuts. This is my private blog exploring my favorite things in beauty & design.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A few truths

This week has been a whirlwind. My mother came for a week-long visit to help me look for an apartment. We searched high and low and looked at some awful places. She's really been a god send, without her I would have taken a derelict but romantic apartment because I overlook practical things like broken floors and moldy walls for the great potential of parisian high ceilings, spacious rooms, and big bay windows. It's sad owners are willing to rent apartments in such awful condition to unsuspecting young people. And for shockingly high prices, too!

I sorely need to exercise. On Saturday DD gave me a lift back to Tel Aviv and cut my trip by 2 hours. After I left the car I discovered I forgot my folder with all the papercuts in his back seat. I quickly sprinted across the street to catch him, and there's the rub: The first 2 seconds I was running I realized I hadn't run for years, and I thought 'wow, this is great! Look how fast I'm going!' That quickly turned into 'Oh God, I can't feel my knees! Am I getting lower? Am I going to stumble and fall now? I should stop running.' Not a fun realization to make mid-sprint, my friends. My legs felt like jelly after a 15 seconds run - that's in how bad of shape I am.

The point was driven home to me when a friend stopped by to collect a tiny canvas I had made for her. I opened the door and she exclaimed 'Oh my God, you look awful! What happened?!' I hope I only looked bad enough to warrant that response because I was awake for more than 36 hours at that point, but man, talk about a blunt remark. I do need to work on my body, I'm not 20 anymore. I'm freaking 26, my body has stopped forgiving me for all the shit I put it through. Damn it. 

Oh, well. Off to work!


Image credit | portrait of me by Tali Yalonetzki, October 2011
(excerpt from my old livejournal)

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