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I've been very fortunate to have my own small independent atelier called Woodland Papercuts. This is my private blog exploring my favorite things in beauty & design.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spaces, How we want & How it is

Excerpts from SPACES series on Eva Black Design blog
I love looking at other people's spaces. This weekend I'm even going on an apartments tour in my neighborhood, part of the city's appreciation campaign for Tel Aviv architectural design and history. 
On blogs you always see designed and curated spaces. How we wish life looked - everything organized and in its place, floors clean, coveted furniture… I always loved looking into other creatives' spaces - hoping for a glimpse of how their magic is created! Also, to answer that ultimate question, is it messy or ordered? Hint, I work amongst piles.

Recently I spotted an interview with Quill & Fox on Lottie Loves, where her studio space was featured. Phenomenal! I'm a big fan of Quill & Fox and I was excited to read about Yas' creative process and her work space. Not too shabby… It reminded me of a great series called Spaces over at Eva Black Design (Yas' studio was also featured over there!), where readers get to see the creative spaces of many inspiring graphic designers. And where I get to moon over big wooden tables, creative storage solutions, vintage lamps, Apple computers, and loads of natural light (how do they get all that light?!) 

Articles like that always make me want to post my own apartment / work space online. But then I remember I'll have to clean up and arrange first, and set everything just right so it'll look like I live in an organized and deftly curated, lighted, airy, room that gets my creative juices flowing - Look, you can spot a half-done papercut on the table, left there just so. By coincidence. Admire my easy-going creativity.

It's exhausting! Who has the time? Why don't I live in an immaculate apartment to begin with?! Then I saw this post this morning on Creature Comforts. In it Ez linked to the Reality Check post from the interior design blog Weekday Carnival. And now my room doesn't look that bad. So everyone's living in a mess! WHAT a relief!

Bad day | Good day

Your house doesn't need to look magazine worthy every day. You can live in your space. It's all in the editing when you do feel the urge to snap a pic. So, full disclosure, how does my apartment look right now?

Images, top to bottom:
Alyssa Yuhas | Eva Black Design blog
Cassie Pyle | Eva Black Design blog
Reality Check///Weekend Carnival
My own pictures, May 2012


(excerpt from my work blog, Woodland Papercuts)

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