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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Makeup... that mysterious beast

Earlier today I found this really good makeup tutorial site called Temptalia (though I love The Beauty Department for tips and inspiration). Tell me, how are you with makeup? Do you wear it, what do you use? Would you call yourself experts or do you feel like you don't know what you're doing?

I've had makeup paraphernalia since I was a teen, but I've rarely used any since growing out of the phase of theatrical makeup (I wore rhinestones and kabuki makeup to school. Still think I looked awesome). I've used the wrong shade of foundation for years when I did (seriously, I can see it in photos now. Not good). Mostly I just put on a basic eyeshadow and mascara, and I've never tried to actually define the shape of my eye or conceal imperfections (dark circles, anyone?). Didn't know how to put on concealer, blush, or what lipstick would be best (still don't wear lipstick). 

Makeup has always been a mystery to me, I had no idea about colors and brushes and the different powders and creams - my mom never put on makeup and was always against it. I've only learned a little about makeup last year when I bit the bullet and went into one of those special makeup stores where they match you with all the makeup you need and train you to use it. I've been using makeup off and on since, but very lightly.

Two weeks ago when I went and bought several bottles of nail polish since I'M NOW OFFICIALLY A WOMAN WHO MAINTAINS HER NAILS (they're sparkly metallic gold now = LOVE), a makeup sales person stopped me at a department store and continued to do a full makeup look. I won't lie - it was nice. I have no idea if it was good or not, since I did feel like people stared at me as I walked down the street after, but that could be my imagination. I looked in the mirror when I got home, nothing bad jumped out. I did buy one dual brown eyeshadow, which opened my eyes to the fact that there are different quality eyeshadows! With different textures & finishes! And different pigments! Did you know this?!

Anyways, I've decided to try more with my makeup. I'm freaking old enough to know how to use it, right? I had a rude awakening that it is time I start wearing make up everyday. I don't see it in my well-lit bathroom mirror, but I look really tired and gaunt in the face without makeup now.  Really, those dark circles are killing me.

I now have a few eye shadows, all gold-brown-green (they are hand-me-downs from my sister and have dodgy pigmentation),2 liquid eyeliners, 1 mascara, 1 concealer and 1 blush. I have2 small brushes (one for the cream concealer, one for all the eyeshadows), 1 blush brush, and1 brush for the powder makeup. I guess we'll see. 

Tonight was the first time I tried to shape my eye with 3-tones eyeshadow. I used shimmer nude close to the nose, a pinkish-light brown matte on the rest of the lid, and on the crease and the outside tip of the lid I used a dark brown. Topped off with brown eyeliner and mascara, I think I came out with a dramatic (or, more dramatic than I usually wear) look for the evening. What I'm really trying to do is make my eyelid look less bulgy and round (bulgy eyes are one of my phobias. I know I don't have them really, but I'm always afraid one day I will), and to give a little lift to the outside corner of my lid (the makeup consultant did it for me last year with a well-placed dark eyeshadow and I suddenly realized how droopy my eyelids look - it was like an eyelid-lift!) I even put on tinted lip-balm. 

I'm still afraid of makeup, but I'm gaining confidence applying it, day by day. I can't say I like to do it yet, it feels like a drag, but I want to have pride & confidence in my appearance so I might as well use these tools us women have been blessed to have at our disposal. 
I'm really curious to know if anyone else is in my position, or can give advice about your favorite makeup products, or how to apply makeup. Links & tips are welcome! 


Image credit | portrait of me by Tali Yalonetzki, 2010
(excerpt from my old livejournal)

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